Derp lol. So back story. After Kakuzu killed the main elders of The Village by the Water Fall, He fled and discovered a small Farm. He then met Chun and Chun helped him get back to health. She was never bothered by his stitching or his odd eyes. Soon they started to have closer moments with one another. She also notices He was getting all this money and no clue why. She discovered she was going to have a child and things started to change. Kakuzu wouldn't be home often and he would become a bit angrier. When Masami's father was born he was there that night and the day the photo was taken. After that he was gone forever. Masami's dad discovered later on and hates kakuzu for leaving his mom alone on a farm. Masami met her grandmother when she was trying to have a peaceful moment. She had a spiritual contact with her when meditating and discovered that she misses Kakuzu and knows that he is still alive. She also knows that there is a partner that he had. The grandmother knows this because when she passed on she was able to see the past and the present. She saw that he was with some man and she knows where he is. She wants Masami and her team to go find him and have him help find where Kakuzu might actually be.... (( OKAY...this is dumb I know ewe""))